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Karing From IL

3610 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

KARING , Katrina Relief in Northbrook and Glenview (IL), was created to provide long-term support for residents of the Gulf coast, with special focus on the residents of Waveland, Mississippi who were affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. Our mission is to raise funds and coordinate projects that rebuild and enrich the lives of community residents. Long-term, we hope to build an enduring network of personal connections that enrich their lives and strengthen both of our communities.

3/13 • We are planning trips to Waveland in March 10 and 25, during Spring Break. Anyone in junior high (with permission) or older is welcome to come. We'll post more information as we get closer to the date. We will also host Camp Karing again this year on June 18.

Fly into New Orleans or Gulf Port and look for lodging information at Hollywood Casino Bay St. Louis or Lagniappe Bay St. Louis More info will be posted as we get closer to the dates, or you can contact Barb Flanagin at or call the KARING hot line at 847-800-6973

• If you are planning to go on one of our trips to Waveland, please take a look at our trip information page.

January 9, 2007
• Village of Northbrook declares 2007 "The Year of Karing"
On February 28, 2006, the Village of Northbrook issued a proclamation encouraging Citizens and Businesses to lend support and assistance to the town of Waveland Mississippi. Since then KARING (Katrina Relief) was created to provide long-term support for residents of the Gulf coast, with special focus on the residents of Waveland, Mississippi, who were affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. KARING’s mission is to raise funds and coordinate projects that rebuild and enrich the lives of community residents. The combined efforts of members of the Northbrook community have resulted in outstanding achievements and 2007 promises even more.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Eugene Marks, President of the Village of Northbrook, County of Cook and State of Illinois, do hereby proclaim the year of 2007 as "The Year of KARING in Northbrook" and ask all residents; civic, educational, and religious organizations; and public and private institutions to support the efforts of KARING to assist Waveland, Mississippi.

Dated: This 9 day of January 2007.
Eugene Marks
Village President

Needs List

Monetary Donations are the best!!! (The money will go directly to the people we work with in Waveland to go towards specific needs).
Frequent Flyer Miles: This will allow volunteers to get down to Waveland to help clear debris and to rebuild homes and businesses.
Wal-Mart Gift Cards: This will allow KARING members to buy items that each resident needs, etc.
Universal Gift Cards: American Express, etc. This will allow members to purchase specific items.
Paper products (towels,toilet paper, plates and cups)
Laminating sheets ( 8.5x11 and 8.5x14)
Vacuum cleaners
Cleaning supplies
Ink cartridges
Paper shredders
Color printers
Bottled water - Citizens and volunteers are using large quantities and we can never have too much.
Clear index tabs popup post-it
Canon toner 6564 , Brother toner tn350
Ribbon for Casio 420A
Copy Paper
Green Bar paper
Trash can liners (kitchen and large)
Lamps - new and used
Small window air conditioner
Electric typwriter
ink for HP priner #96, 397
Lawn care equipment
Lawn mowers
Weed eaters (gas)
Building materials - lumber, sheetrock roofing materials ( this is best donated through WalMart, Home Depot or Lowe's cards)
Any household items for setting up a home. People are just getting back into their homes and these items would be useful. Whatever a new bride might need would be appropriate for our women and homemakers trying to put their lives back together.
Please send new items. Nothing is more discouraging than to have put up with the aftermath of Katrina and then to plug in an appliance or a coffeepot, etc. and have it not work. They don't need anything else to add to the debris piles.

We have adopted over 125 families in Waveland and are sending a 53 foot truck down this week to delver the goods. KARING has received an award from e-town that will be aired in January and keep the needs in the spotlight.

I was going to rewrite this, but why try to improve on an already great format?

We went in June and hosted a 5 day camp for 100 kids.
We are going down in October to do a woman's wellness day (we are providing scrap booking material, manicures, pedicures and massages) and helping with WAVEFEST.
We are working on gathering office supplies, refurbishing St Stanislaus so they can have church and dance recitals there (They need curtains and chairs)
We are doing fundraisers for school uniforms, Wal-Mart cards for thanksgiving turkeys, books for the school library
And we are having our kids start a pen pal group with similar aged kids in Waveland.
Also we are looking for a refrigerated truck to hall fresh meat from Iowa to Waveland.
We are sewing Christmas tree skirts and getting a Santa program underway.
We are having a huge concert in February to help fund the rehabbing of Waveland's community center.

If you live in the Chicago area and would like to be part of this, please look to the list below and contact the folks at Karing!

Our web site does not mention any of these because we have no one working on it right now. (If anyone lives in the Chicago area and would like to help them with their website, please contact them!)

Take care

Other ways to help.

1. Adopt a family: contact Judy Katz
2. Education: contact Marsha Hochman elementary education
Deidre Berkowitz jr/sr high education or Carla Martens
3. Hospital Sandy Zeller
4. Community projects: Connect Northbrook groups with Waveland groups. i.e. baseball, dance, track. Barb Flanagin
5. Large project: Community Center help pay for the refurbishing of Waveland’s community center Barb Flanagin
6. Work trips: Go to Waveland
7. Fundraising for KARING: To help support one of the above. Have a fund raiser at your church, temple, school, neighborhood or organization.
8. In kind donations

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