Saturday, December 09, 2006

His Hands and Feet Org

From Janet
Volunteers Boost His Hands and Feet Effort In Waveland, MS
December 1, 2006 For some living in our area, the holidays may never be the same after Hurricane Katrina hit a little over a year ago. Since then, News Channel 9 has followed the Katrina relief of two Collegedale, Tennessee based families who now live in Waveland, Mississippi.
The construction centered ministry His Hands and Feet says our stories attracted people from here to drive south and help. This morning, ministry co-founder Todd Johnson drove back into town and gave an update on Collegedale Christian radio station WSMC. His Hands and Feet has expanded to 17 people. During Thanksgiving, a wave of college students pitched in to get the volunteer camp up and running. From there, volunteers help storm ravaged homeowners rebuild their houses. His Hands and Feet members work for free but accept what they call God directed donations. Johnson explains what drives them. "
Jesus said 'When I come back, will Ieven find faith?' It's like, whoa, he wasn't talking to the world, he was talking to his own people."
The families first thought they would be in Waveland four to six weeks. They've been there for almost 15 months.

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