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Camp Second Helpin' Update

Hello everyone, and Seasons Greetings from the sunny gulf coast…I bring exciting news along with well wishes…As of January 1st. Camp Second Helpin' will be relocating and reopening with many new and exciting changes…We will be located at St. Mary's on Beach blvd. in Waveland, Mississippi and now we will be able to offer dorm style housing for volunteers coming down to rebuild with the ability to house between 200-250 people, along with an industrial mobile kitchen, things are looking very good…. We will still be a community center open to the public, but now we will be able to work towards offering more things to the public, such as a food bank and a free clothing outlet. I would like to thank all of you that have not forgotten us, and special hugs to those that have contacted us about coming down, or passing info on to those that are interested in coming down.We have had many exciting inquiries as of late…for those that would like to learn more about our non-profit family community center you can check out our web site (which is in the process of getting revamped) at: if you have any questions you can reach Ron-administrator at 228-342-8834 or me at 228-239-6338 we would love to see some Good Hearted, Hard Working Brothers and Sisters come help bring hope and happiness into the lives of people we may never have reached before…Rising from the dust will come a tribe of Rainbow Warriors lending a hand and leading the way to a new world…Lets grasp this opportunity to truly make a difference……Much Love Family…Momma KaBoom
Camp Second Helpin' will be re-opening after January 1st on it's new site. The community center will be our major Day time function, but we will have the capabilities to house and feed 200-250 volunteers. We will be using a commercial Kitchen to cook out of, show movies, satellite TV, Internet access, Hot showers and environment controlled sleeping barracks. On the site we also have the option to build a brick and mortar community center that will become a permanent fixture within Waveland. We have taken advantage of the last 2 months to find corporate sponsors, alocate monies for a building fund, and constant support

9/15 From Ron
I'll attempt to give an administrative perspective on this. In the 9 months we have been here in Hancock County we have had 18 actual Rainbow volunteers (I kept records of volunteers), of these, 5 established themselves and left a good lasting effect and impression.
A Quote from our Bloomington Tribe website:
We are now presently screening volunteers before they come due to obvious reasons. To everyone. "It is not simply our duty to walk lightly upon our Mother Earth but we must understand that we are Ambassadors for all the Family Tribal members that follow in our footsteps." Leave that light behind for all to follow, be the light for the path ahead." (Firelight)

A space to use alcohol and other things off-site was allotted but abuse of policy still happened. We asked 2 volunteers to leave because they had predatory actions and intentions. 3 left on their 1st day because the work ahead was so overwhelming. On 3 occasions kitchen equipment walked off-site, resulting in an overtaxed staff to have to stay up at nights to run security.

Americorp - We fed 2 rotations of Americorp volunteers (Totally for FREE) with no complaints. We were told when we first set up on Coleman Ave. that we had the city's support for things like porta-potties, Dumpsters, etc… Unfortunately, they didn't have it to give. Mayor Tommy Longo hooked us up with Americorp, with a monetary proposition for us to be "THEIR" kitchen. We could run our community center offsite but minors were not allowed on their site for insurance reasons.

Since Momma's kids are here, this was unacceptable, so their volunteers came to our site to eat and recreate. We had expanded our operation to house volunteer groups and are working with the Knights of Columbus. As a result we have housed Catholic High school & College students.

As always, donations are a very welcome thing since we do not charge for food or lodging. Go to: For information on how to donate...

9/6 - From Momma Kaboom
We've been here 9 months now and it's been one hot Summer that is for sure, but thankfully no severe weather as of yet. But I'm not here for small talk; I want to make a plea.
Our building fell through, yes this is sad, but it's far from the end of our journey. We are working on funding the building of a building for the community center that is why I write today. To make a plea, to all of you wonderful people that have been following our journey, if each of you made a small donation because as you know, every dollar helps, we will be that much closer to actually building.
I am sure you hear of all the progress made in New Orleans, just last week they said on the news that 700 restaurants have opened again since Katrina. Waveland is still so wiped out, with 90% of it's residential, and commercial buildings, just destroyed. Look at any number of fully functioning communities that have community center, or food kitchens, why? Because there is such a need even with a sound structure to support those going through hard times.
For the people of Hancock County there haven't been such a strong need for community support since Camille. After the storm it took people from all parts of the country to reach out and lend a hand, but we all need to continue to do this even in small ways.
That's why I make this plea to you now, if you could donate just a dollar, what a difference it would begin to make in giving this community want it needs and deserves. Just think, you could help make the difference.
Please keep in mind that no amount of carrying signs, marching, meditation, prayer, signing petitions, or voting will ever carry as much power as helping one person gut out her ruined house, or feeding a single mother at the end of another stressful day of red-taping it to a Fema trailor. This is a chance to extract yourself from our traditionally divided and materialistic American culture, shake off the stagnant mundane, and participate in true community building during a time of suffering and hardship. We are a registered Non-Profit with the state of Mississippi (see Link)
You May donate VIA our Paypal account o­n paypal to:
ATTN:Camp Second Helpin
Please help if you can... $1.00 or $10.00 sent by enough people can make a HUGE dent in our operation cost. Send this plea out to everyone. We are in Waveland and making a difference!
Momma Kaboom
Better known as Spring

8/2 - Update About Their Move from Waveland to BSL
Yes we have a moving date, We will be going to our holding site this Fri. Aug. 4. And we will be going to St. Augustine [Seminary] on the 1st of Sep. It has a real kitchen, dining hall, Gym (for showing movies, dances etc.) All we ever hoped for . We have a commitment from them for 2 years it also has indoor dormitory's to house volunteers.

The Knights of Columbus are helping them get a permanent spot in Bay St. Louis – sounds like it might even be a building and not the desert tents they are in.

Ron Parsons -; 228-342-8834. No charge – they don’t believe in charging people for coming to do service.

7/31 An Update From Tammi - another Rainbow Volunteer!

Regan sleeping in a Pass bunkhouse.

We thought we might have more work to do before we left today but more volunteers came than was expected. It is amazing how well this runs - they really have a great system where they can just plug people into the various jobs. For us, it was the dining tent. For others, they go out an help gut and then rebuild homes.

We took off for Waveland. It is west of Pass Christian. Unfortunately, the bridge between the cities is still out - many bridges still are - a year later. There are other ways around which we found easily. We chose to drive to Bay St. Louis before hitting Waveland. It is in better shape than the Pass, and Waveland, too. Still rebuilding, as well.

Camp Second Helpin’ is a community center for families, young and old. They provide lunch and dinner, and various activities for all ages. They are in desert tents donated by the Knights of Columbus, on the American Legion property. The greatest need is bottled water. You can wash in the tap water, but drinking it is not advised. They have just been donated a bus for mobile meals, and they are obtaining a more permanent building and site in Bay St. Louis.

Waveland was like a bomb hit it - still, almost a year later. There are trailers on many plots of land where homes once stood. In the Pass, it looks like many people razed and abandoned, are selling, etc. Here in Waveland, it seems people are staying, even in trailers. City Hall is in trailers. It is unbelievable. Worse than what I saw in parts of Haiti.

The leaders of this effort are a homeschooling family, with three kids. Regan and Braeden had a great time with them, learned how to play Risk, Clue and Uno with them, and they had a hard time saying goodbye. I like that Regan and Braeden are learning that they can make friends anywhere. We left on Wednesday the 26th for New Orleans.

Greetings from Camp Second Helpin'!

Our new mailing addy is:
Camp Second Helpin Attn: Ron Parsons
208 Coleman Ave.
Waveland MS. 39576

We are a regestered Non-Profit with the state of Mississippi (see Link)

You May also help by donating VIA our Paypal account o­n paypal to:
ATTN: Camp Second Helpin'

Please help if you can... $1.00 or $10.00 sent by enough people can make a HUGE dent in our operation cost. Send this plea out to everyone.

We need more love put into this.

much love to the family, hoping to hear more from ya'll...

Momma KaBoom

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