Sunday, May 14, 2006

Waveland Baptist Disaster Response

Contact Information:

Shoreline Park Katrina Disaster Response Project
10121 Kiln-Waveland Road
By St. Louis, MS 39521


Supply Needs List as of 31 Jan 2006
SAMS Cards
Lowes Cards
Home Depot Cards

Volunteer Needs And Information For Prosptective Volunteers:

Who Can Come: Due to the nature of volunteer work and the dangers associated with a disaster area, we have restricted the age of minor volunteers to 16 years and older. Adults with physical limitations or respiratory problems should contact us before coming to Camp Kairos to ensure we have volunteer opportunities consistent with their limitations.

Personal Items to Bring: Each person needs to bring with them:
Sleeping bag
Personal care items
Work shoes & socks
Tent (Optional)

Immunizations: There are health risks and dangers that you must plan for. The most common accident is stepping on nails.

Tetanus (good for 5 years)
Hepatitis A

Note: If the medical clinics are open, you may be able to get your shots while you are here.

Medical Aid:
In the unlikely event you need emergency medical aid, there is a free medical clinic in Bay St. Louis. Typically it has a General Practitioner and nurse on duty. It will be in place until the local medical practices are re-established. The local hospital has an emergency room 24x7. 911 emergency services are also available.

Housing Arrangements
We have 4 “bunk houses” that sleep 11 adults each. We have 9 tents that each sleep 4 adults and 3 tents that sleep 6 adults. We have cots and air mattresses available for those who choose to use them. As a rule of thumb, we assign people to the bunkhouses until they are full and then we assign people to tents. Please limit personal items since there is limited space in the bunkhouses and tents. Prior to leaving please pick up and clean your area so that it is ready for the next occupant.

Meal Arrangements
Typically we have volunteers from several different churches working out of the camp at any given time. Since all the volunteers eat the same meal at the same time, we ask groups to bring food and cooks/kitchen help. At this time we have a Kitchen Coordinator that the cooks work with in preparing and serving the meals, as well as cleaning up. The meals are served pot luck style since everyone eats together. For the purpose of meal planning and purchasing food prior to coming to the camp each group should plan to prepare meals for your group plus 4. Your food along with that prepared by the other cooks will be served to everyone at the camp. The Kitchen Coordinator will work out the use of the stoves and ovens in the kitchen to ensure all the food is prepared on time.

We have kitchen facilities consisting of a stove/oven, microwave, refrigerators, freezers, another oven and a gas bar-b-q grill. There are pots, pans, and cooking utensils here, too. Normally we serve a hot breakfast and supper and provide sandwiches and chips for lunch. Groups larger than 5 should plan to bring a cook with them. If you have specific questions about the meal arrangements please email or call us.

Shared Responsibilities
Given the environment that we are working in maintaining a hygienic camp is a top priority. To be successful we need everyone’s cooperation.

Bathroom and Shower Facilities
We have a shower house consisting of 3 showers and 2 toilets; also, we now have 2 shower trailers with 3 bathrooms each (shower, toilet, sink). Due to the high use of these facilities everyone must help keep the bathrooms clean and free from trash. Each group of volunteers should identify one or two people in their group who will help maintain these facilities.

Volunteers in camps like ours can generate considerable trash and refuse. Trash cans are emptied every morning. We ask each group to pick up the trash in their sleeping quarters and help the staff by carrying the full trash bags to the dumpster. Please break down cardboard boxes and take them to the dumpster, too.

Types of work that we need done:
Clean-out crews:
Mud out houses
Remove contents that have been flooded, such as furniture, appliances, carpets, personal effects, etc.
Remove wallboard, insulation, cabinets
Remove drywall screws/nails from studs
Clean / power wash all flooded surfaces
Spray all flooded areas with bleach solution
Cooks (Each group larger than 5 people needs to bring a cook)
General Support:
Remove debris from yards
Clear trees
Camp clean-up
Re-building Homes:
Sheetrock Installers
Flooring Installers

We ask that people with the above skills bring their own tools of the trade with them.
The above link is the calendar showing teams scheduled to come in.


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