Friday, May 12, 2006

Waveland - City Update and Needs

5/30 For those interested, City development plans:

8/23 Thank You From The City:
To all those who have helped:

We know that we will never be able to remember or to thank all those who came to our aid after Katrina. Some gave gifts of food, water, ice, clothing, gift cards, tools, computers, appliances, fire trucks, police cars, utility vans, buses and a myriad of other things to help us through those early days. Some traveled for days in trucks filled with supplies. Others delivered washers and dryers so that we could do our laundry. Some came and set up emergency facilities to feed, cloth and provide medical aid to people very much in need.

Some came and dropped off things, others stayed for weeks and months, and others still are here. Some knew to come right away and others knew we would need sustained help. Hundreds of volunteers have donated thousands of hours helping people gut out their homes, pick up debris, and paint. And they listened and gave hugs freely as they helped people begin to pull their lives together.

As we continue to Rebuild Waveland, we could never say THANK YOU, in a big enough way. We know that many of you came because of your faith and others just because they saw people in need and could not turn away. Your kindnesses were unbelievable!

As we approach the one year anniversary of the day that Katrina changed all our lives, we are reminded of the trials we have endured and count our blessings. You have been there beside us. You have given us much hope and help.

We were planning to spend the day pretty quietly, but as events unfolded and continued gifts came our way, we have a very busy day planned. We invite all of you to be here to spend the day with us. If you can’t be here physically, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as we remember those who came to help.

Schedule for “Celebrate Life” in Waveland, Mississippi, Tuesday, August 29, 2006:

8:00 a.m. Ecumenical Prayer Service on the Beach at Coleman Avenue
9:00 a.m. Moment of Silence as we remember those who lost their lives in Katrina.
9:01 a.m. Hancock County Bells Ring – to signify a “New Birth.”

3:00 p.m. Parade down Coleman Avenue to honor Volunteers and Contributors
Dedication of Katrina Memorial on the Beach at Coleman Avenue
Acceptance of Gift for Rebuilding City Hall
4:30 p.m. - Live Music on the Beach, Tailgate Party
7:00 pm “Special Gift to Waveland” Appearance by Colin Raye
Followed by Heather and the Monkey King

Bring lawn chairs, picnic baskets and beach blankets.

Please join us, if you can.
Mayor Tommy Longo
City of Waveland, 335 Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS 228-467-4134

Please RSVP to Kathy Pinn, 228-332-2270 or Betty Robinson, 228-467-3425

8/1 Found on Gulf Coast News -
Waveland – Behind The Scenes Heroes
By Mark Proulx - Special to GCN
You know how you receive emails that touch your hearts? This email came from one of Waveland’s “sister” cities - Northbrook, IL, and the group KARING. It touched Kathy Pinn so much that she forwarded it to me for GCN.
Submitted by Kathy Pinn, Donations Coordinator
City of Waveland, 335 Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS 39576,
228-467-4134 or 467-3425

There have been thousands of people who have reached out to Waveland. Some with a single generous gesture and some that just keep on giving...there are some many of the "keep on giving kind" that they make it almost impossible for me to be crabby!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Please read the attached, it will bless you as much as it has blessed us.
”Dear Kathy,
As many of you know I have been working with a group in the area called KARING. KARING was formed as a response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The one year anniversary is coming up on August 29th. KARING was established and 501C3 status applied for. Progress is being made in Waveland. Things are being built, groups are there volunteering and it is also becoming apparent that the rebuilding process will take years. Several trips have been taken to the area. We have gutted houses, cleared property, ripped off roofs, adopted dogs, cleaned beaches, rocked babies, answered phones and slept in FEMA trailers. I even got to go to the yacht club.
On our last trip 26 of us age 11 to 75 (young at heart and effort) held a week long day camp for almost 100 kids. We took the older kids canoeing, bowling, for a walk, to a local water park and organized a mean game of basketball. The younger kids kept busy with crafts, games and art projects. All this was done in the almost 100 degree heat.
Some of our volunteers tore off a tin roof and cleaned out a house that had not been touched since the storm. The memories of that week will stick with all of us that have traveled to Waveland for a long time.Several fundraisers have taken place, including:knitting lessonsschool bake sales and concertsbar/bat mitzvah projectschurch collections and a garden seminarsidewalk sale to sell pottery brought back from Waveland and a wonderful concert This coming year is filled with the same excitement. In the next week we are sponsoring the food at a Ferris Buehler outside movie night and selling fresh roasted corn.In April a 57" foot trailer was sent to Waveland packed with computers and furniture. A 2nd truck is going to Waveland with school desks, fans and animal supplies.We are outfitting the schools with new computers and books.We have sponsored a Easter egg hunt and are looking forward to Wavefest in the fall.We are raising money for a $100,000 donation to the city to help defray the costs of rebuilding the community center. Our $100,000 will enable the town to get a $1,000,000 grant.Our next trip in October will revolve around helping the women of Waveland who work in the city or with the chamber. We will be providing hair cuts, manicures and massages. We will also be hosting a special creative memories workshop for an evening.There are so many other things that have been done or are in the process but I feel the most important thing to come out of all of this is the friendships and experiences I have had. Almost anything I have asked to get done has been done and I have met the greatest people both in this area and in Waveland. In February, Northbrook baseball donated a fancy red tractor lawn mower to Waveland Parks and Recreation. (pretty much one guy).He was clearing the baseball fields of debris by hand. He was mowing with an old push mower. He lost everything he owned in the flood but he was determined to get the ball season up and running.
Because of that donation another father in town got to coach his sons baseball team.
When we were in Waveland in June we rented a bouncy thing or moon walk. When the owner came to deliver it he had 3 on his truck. As I walked up to him I was wondering how I was going to pay for all of that fun. I introduced myself and he asked if we were the group that had provided the lawn mower for the ball teams. I told him that we had and he said because of that donation his son got to play ball and he would like to pay it forward with a donations of 3 moonwalks for the week.
This is only one example of how things have been working for KARING. It is the most amazing thing. We could always use help both here and in Waveland if you are interested in lending your talent please let me know. No talent is too little or unneeded. Please forward this email to anyone you know that would like to know more about what is going on in Waveland. Have a great summer!”
3610 Dundee Road
Northbrook, Il 60062
City of Waveland Needs List
Paper Products (Towels-Toilet-Plates-Cups)
Laminating Sheets (8.5x11 and 8.5x14)
Vacuum Cleaners (4)
Cleaning Supplies
Ink Cartridges (Brother PC 301 & 2040, HP Laser 12A, 96 & 97, Cannon E40)
Paper Shredders (4)
Color Printers (2)
Clear index tabs Pop-up post-its (6)
Post-its flags
Round rolodex
Copy Stamp
Ribbon for Casio 420A
Large Copier/Sorter
Copy Paper (White & Colors)
Green Bar Paper 14-7/8” x 11”
Staple Remover
Light Bulbs
Small Office Trash Cans (6)
Trash can liners (kitchen, & large)
Lamps New or Used
Toilet Bowl brush
Mops & buckets (4)
Small Window Air Conditioner

For Citizens, Employees and to help Volunteers help families:
Lawn Care Equipment
Lawn Mowers Gas Cans
Rakes WalMart gift cards for gas and supplies
Trash Bags Building Materials
Wheel Barrels Lumber, Sheet Rock, Plywood or Home Depot
or Lowe’s cards
Weed eaters (gas) Roofing material

Monetary Donations:
For the City of Waveland:
City of Waveland, 335 Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS 39576
Designated use: Matching funds to begin rebuilding. (For example: To Rebuild City Hall)
For The Schools:
Bay-Waveland School District, 201 Carroll Avenue, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520


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