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Visiting their website is the best way to show what just a few people can accomplish. Very spontaneous in their efforts, but also very organized and well thought-out. AND, consistent. They have made 4 trips, trying to anticipate when needs will occur, and meeting those needs with each trip.

All because one man on campus has family down there. It shows how well community works and how one person can mobilize the world, if so motivated.

They have delivered truck loads of items, along with thousands of man hours cleaning and restoring a church as well as homes surrounding the church. Positively wonderful!

This group from Indiana - a combination of university staff, professors and students are making a 4th trip to Waveland to continue their assistance. Woo!

This trip is July 7-13. I will be posting more information later next week regarding the work they have done and the work they hope to do in the future, but for now, I wanted to get the word out of their July trip.


7/15 - From his blog
Liberalindiana heads to Mississippi
July 6th, 2006
Time for a road trip. LI is heading to Waveland, Mississippi to do some good on the gulf coast. Its my third trip to the area and we are finally rebuilding.
On the docket for the next week:
Thursday - Friday: Travel in a somewhat crowded van to MS
Friday: unpacking, preparation
Saturday: Visit the work site, start gettin’ my hands dirty
Saturday night: Visit NOLA, get a few other things dirty
Sunday - Wednesday: Build a home for someone in need
Thursday: Truck on back to Indy
I’ll post pics to my personal Flickr account if I get the chance. I’ll be back at it on LI starting Monday July 17th.


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