Friday, May 26, 2006

Waveland Fire
Waveland Fire Dept.
322 Gulfside Dr.
Waveland, MS 39576

I just spoke with Assistant Chief Mike about their situation and needs.

Before the hurricanes hit, Waveland had 2 fire stations. 1 is now a slab and the other is destroyed but standing after taking on over 5' of water. All equipment was lost. Some has been replaced, but they are still in great need.

Amazing - during the hurricane, they evacuated from Station 2 to the waste water treatment plant next door, which already had a host of folks in it trying to escape the rising waters. 2 elderly women got stuck in the elevator from the first to the second floor, so the firefighters had to go back out into the storm to get equipment to rescue the ladies. Heroism at it's most basic.

Right now, Station 1 is being run out of a double wide trailer and Station 2 just got a single wide trailer to be able to post a shift of men there again. Until this, the town was being covered by only 1 station.

The stress on the fire fighters has been very high - similar to the police department. Some of them went to the destroyed Walmart, got bycicles so they could ride home to get their ATV's and have some form of transportation to assist the citizens during those critical first hours. But because Waveland is such an old community, and had gorgeous, huge old trees come down all over, the town was isolated for a very long time. Those ATV's literally became a lifeline for the entire community.

The Needs list - which will most likely expand in the coming days:

Office Supplies
Pens, pencils, reams of paper, file folders, note pads, etc.
File Cabinets
Hurst "Jaws of Life rescue tools"
Positive Pressure Ventilation Fans
Hand tools for salvage operations
Wet/Dry Vacuum
Heavy Duty extension cords
Weed Eaters

I'm adding:
Heavy duty tire plug kits
Jumper cables
Tow Cables


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