Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Waveland Animal Shelter

Waveland Animal Shelter
322 Gulfside St
Waveland, MS 39576

12/22 An accurate view of the Coast, not just NOLA

The Associated Press
Hancock County has stopped providing funds to the Waveland Animal Shelter after learning the shelter had refused to accept stray animals collected by the county, officials said.
The shelter has been funded mostly through a joint effort between Waveland, Bay St. Louis and Hancock County, but the Hancock Board of Supervisors recently voted to stop providing its portion of the money.
Last week, supervisors began a search for available land to build a shelter.
"We're not going to pay for something that we can't use," Supervisor Lisa Cowand said.
County officials said the shelter has been declared a no-kill shelter, meaning animals are held for months while waiting to be adopted or transported to other shelters throughout the country.
Shelter director Renee Lick said the facility is not a no-kill shelter, but she conceded there have been times when the shelter was full and could not accept county animals.
"Yes, there have been some times when that's happened, but we are going to have to start putting animals down again," she said. "We just can't keep holding them as long as we have been."
Carol Strohmetz, president of Friends of the Waveland Animal Shelter, said animal activists who came to help after Katrina struck last year turned the shelter into a no-kill facility, which has contributed to the overpopulation of stray animals in the county. "Even though I hate euthanasia, we can't afford to be a no-kill shelter; it's just not practical," she said.

I spoke with Michelle on 5/16 about their needs and any progress she'd like to report.
She'll be e-mailing more information, but her immediate thoughts were as follows:

Volunteers to help with repairs and to move equipment from the damaged site to the new site.
Paper Towels
Leashes (may be gently used)
Collars (may be gently used)
FOOD - adult dog and cat kibble (No red dye please)
FOOD - Kitten and Puppy chows ( No red dyes please)
FOOD - Kitten and Puppy Formula

I would also guess bedding materials such as old towels, carpet remnants, etc. and toys. But, I'll add those when I hear from her in the next few days.

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