Wednesday, July 19, 2006

From A Waveland Citizen

Just a little about me.
I am one from of the few families that can say they have been in Waveland all their life. My family is one of the few first classes at St Clare School.

I was 10 years old when Camille came through, even went to school in tents after one. Anyway, that was 30 some years ago and still every time you smell pine trees being cut and the noise of chains saws you think of Camille.

Can you imagine what the 10 year olds will be thinking in 30 years from now? I can write for days about things around here after the 1st few weeks of Katrina, but you know, I think we all need to talk about the wonderful people that has come to our sides and all the new friends that we now have and what wonderful things that happen since that B------ has torn our town down.

Sure, there are still many issues around that need to be dealt with. Emotions, Depression and Lord here we are again in storm season.

I am lucky! I had only 4 feet of water in my house. The rest of my sisters had a lot more than me. One of my sisters had 8 1/2 feet and had paid her last house note. Now that's lucky.



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