Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Project Mommy 101

10/9 Update

Hi Leslie,
The Mommy 101 Shower was in May and it was a great success. We had 85 moms or moms-to-be come and receive a large number of beautiful gifts.
We plan to do it again in the spring. I'll keep you informed.
Thanks for caring and all your support.
We have some moms that we are still helping.
I just got an email from a young lady that has a 9 month old and is expecting in Dec.
If you have contacts that might want to adopt this family and help them, please let me know.


3/28 Update
Just an update to our project that will be held April 14th "Mommy 101". Tasia is a wonderful person and is working very hard to make this project a success. The bad thing is, we're not getting a great response. Attached is Tasia's update. If you know someone that would like to help or help with the list of needed things, please let me know. We only have 3 weeks left and I think so far we have around 40 to 50 names. You all know the week of the event you get loaded with new names. We learned that one from last Christmas.

As always, "Thank you" for being by our sides.

Thanks again,

“MOMMY 101”
A Community Project Hancock County, MS

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tasia Poyadou of Waveland, MS. I am the current Miss Mississippi Teen. I attend the University of Southern Mississippi on a Presidential Scholarship while majoring in Biological Sciences.

My hometown of Waveland, Mississippi was one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. Many may think that enough time has passed that life is back to normal, but that is far from being accurate. Many families are still in FEMA trailers; many are still awaiting the possibility of one day receiving insurance payments, while those that had no insurance continue to wait for grant monies. And, of course, there are those who do not know where they will go next.

I am currently involved in a community project called “MOMMY 101” which is a countywide baby shower and educational tool for new or expectant mothers. It will also provide support and give them the opportunity to gather amongst themselves. These ladies are facing motherhood while at the same time living through one of the toughest times of their lives. “MOMMY 101” will provide baby clothes, diapers, wipes, high chairs, etc. (as well as provide) the opportunity to learn from local OB/Gyns and other support agencies, such as “Family First Resource Center”, and Mississippi State University Extension Service, ways in which to handle the stress of their day-to-day life during this time of recovery. Unfortunately some of the effects of Hurricane Katrina our community are higher rates of domestic disturbances, child neglect, depression and suicide. Hopefully we can relieve some of the stress with this project.

It is my wish and prayer that we can count on you for a donation of baby items or a monetary donation that we could use to make “MOMMY 101” a great success. “MOMMY 101” is scheduled for April 14th, 2007. We would hope to have all donated items and monetary donations in hand by March 30th to allow for time to prepare.

You may contact Betty Robinson, Public Relations for the City of Waveland, at
(228) 467-3425, or by her email address at brcitymail@yahoo.com for any additional information you may need such as tax deduction donation information.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will participate in this wonderful day for the new mothers of our community. The lessons and gifts they will receive will surely last for a lifetime.

Tasia Poyadou
Miss Mississippi Teen
C/O City of Waveland
335 Coleman Ave. #8
Waveland, MS 39576

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At 12:23 PM, Blogger cehwiedel said...

This post will be included in today's edition of the Carnival of Hurricane Relief. See:


If you have recent photographs that you would be willing to allow CoHR to use as banner illustrations for the homepage, please let me know.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Heather Foeh said...

Blankets for the Gulf will support this project with a baby blanket shipment and by spreading the word!


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