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Writing to you, I am renewed in my inner being of the vast greatness of the Lord our God.
His mercies truly are new every morning. He is long-suffering and through Jesus full of grace and truth. Let the whole earth sing His praises. Join with us in the Spirit of our Lord and lift Jesus up high during this season in our hearts, our homes, our churches, our communities and across the face of this earth. Joy to the world, the Lord has come!

The Christmas season in the Gulf Region will see thousands of children and their families being ministered to with compassion, counseling, prayers, Bibles, food, and toys.
The various Kingdom strategic partners with IMPACT will be providing these ministries in various sites in Mississippi and Louisiana. Toy for Tots has again generously asked us to serve as a primary distribution agency for their benevolence. We shall do more than just give out toys, though. We are providing a direct pathway to the Hope of the Ages, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords....JESUS. We also have implemented follow-up systems to track the families served with and through various churches.

We'll give you some results of this around the end of this month. Pray with us for the Lord to continue to show HIMSELF mighty and faithful, the Holy One of Israel.

Strategic Partner Progress

Lake Charles, Louisiana Volunteer Center for IMPACT
This is the location one of our newest volunteer center. We are able to house up to 200 people at a time in teams. We provide hot meals, showers, and laundry is available. The strategic partnership there includes local and national ministries and churches. With needs assessments in place, and project coordinators leading work assignments we are able to give teams meaningful experiences as they serve a 5 county (parish) area. There are thousands of people living in FEMA parks, and sub-standard housing. MOST of them have no or little resources to rebuild their lives, much less their houses. We, together, offer them Hope from the giver of all HOPE.

H & R Block Referral Program - Supports IMPACT
Posted to our web site will be link for information, and a download form. This form when filled out and taken to YOUR local H & R Block Income Tax Office for them to do your taxes, will result in IMPACT receiving a $25.00 donation. To qualify the taxpayers only restriction is that the taxpayer did NOT have their taxes prepared by H & R Block for 2005. Please forward this information to everyone you know. This will be an easy way to support the ministry while getting your taxes done!
We'll send some more information on this to you soon, or email us with your questions.

Hancock County, MS- A new Volunteer Center for IMPACT
Announcing the opening of a volunteer center for IMPACT Teams in Hancock County, MS; near Bay St. Louis, Waveland and Pearlington. The site has showers, bunks, a kitchen and convenient access to work sites. Teams serving here have good projects to work on for construction. The needs are assessed and verified and the resources gathered to build and do major repair on 64 houses before July 2007.
Come serve with us!

K-LIFE FM radio,
Christian radio from San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara,, California
Watch for the link on our site to listen to music online from this great Christian radio partner from California. Even as I write this, the founders, Dan and Karen Lemburg, are serving with us in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.
Listen for IMPACT updates there and encouraging information about the Kingdom of God.
In the meantime, you can sign in to listen by clicking here:
K-LIFE FM :: Music :: Listen Online Now!

11/24 Impact Ministries Has a Blog for Monthly updates -


Our family started a new Holiday tradition three years ago. We decided to forego the traditional Christmas letter and instead do a Thanksgiving letter in which we each share the things for which we are thankful. We then have asked friends to mail back the enclosed leaf after writing on it what they are thankful for. We read each leaf with the kids and pray for the family who sent it. The leaves then go on our “Tree of Thanks” to make a beautiful visual reminder of friends and gratitude. Unfortunately, time got away from me this year. Yet, this is the year that we have perhaps learned the most about giving Thanks, not taking things for granted, and appreciating the small things. Although you are not receiving this in the mailbox this year, – we ask that you would still participate with us.

Most of you know that we have been doing disaster relief since Katrina hit fifteen months ago. For those of you who have not been to the Gulf Coast, I cannot adequately describe the suffering that still exists. So many of the modern day conveniences that we have grown to believe are essentials are now nonexistent for these folks. Things such as a warm shower in the morning or a comfortable bed at night are no longer guarantees. Electricity was just restored to most places in St Bernard Parish this August.

Imagine living in a tin box (FEMA trailer) in 99 degree temperatures and no air conditioning. Still both water and electricity are undependable at best. Everyone has to go to the Laundromat. People with doctorate degrees are forced to get food from our distribution tents because their jobs and savings are gone. Nothing is familiar anymore. The storm took it all: landmarks, historical sites, places of worship, grocery stores, schools, neighborhoods, and even neighbors.

As a mother, the most heart wrenching losses are the things that you can’t ever replace: the family photos that have chronicled weddings, births and birthdays, first days of school and simply days when laughter, smiles, and fun were natural. Then there are the piles of artwork made special for mommy with love, usually drawings of their houses and happy family. Now, the children have no place to play. If they get to draw it is often of the wind and flood and the nightmares that won’t end.

Families are cramped together. Few children have their own bed, let alone their own rooms or toys. Everyone knew someone who died and many saw the dead bodies of their friends, family, and neighbors piled in the high school gym as they waited for the waters to recede. It is no wonder that suicide, , divorce, and drug and alcohol abuse are near epidemic.

Yes, this disaster has brought out the worst in some. There are those who have taken advantage of the generosity and kindness of others. Yet, there are many that when they gather with their family this Thanksgiving, they will say, “Thanks”. They are grateful for the thousands who have come to help, with whom some now share life long friendships. They are thankful for their new sense of empathy and an awareness of what is truly important in life and for life itself. They are grateful for the things that no wind can blow away and no flood can drown.

These are amazing people, whose faith has stood. JD and I have had so many tell us, “Thank-you”. Yet, we do not at all feel deserving. First of all, all thanks goes to God for everything comes from Him. Second, we are honored, humbled, and so very thankful to have been able to walk this journey with them and with all who have come to help. We have seen The Church of America unite together like no other time in history. We have met some modern day heroes of Faith as well as some everyday humble folks, who have blessed us more than we could ever bless them.

Those like Nolan and Denise who lost their home, yet were more worried about their neighbors than themselves. Those like Wilbur and Steve who lost their wives yet still find the strength to go on. Those like Alva, Greg, Gabe, Vicky, and Jen who have chosen to live without toilets for more than a year so they could help those with no choice. Those like Sue, Kathy, John and Sandy, and James and Mary who completely uprooted and are willing to live there for as long as is needed. Those with the “Aloha” spirit in Hawaii who just keep on giving. Those who knew God called them to come to help and we saw their Faith soar as He provided. Those like Pastor Randy who drove 90 minutes twice a day for a year to help his community rebuild. Those like Lynn and Russell who despite all kept their dignity. Those who risked their own lives in the flood to save others. Those like Charlie who find no value in the things of this world but just in relationship with others. Those like the sweet little boy at Christmas, who didn’t want anything for himself, just a bike for a family friend so he could get to work. We give thanks for each of them and the countless others who left imprints on our hearts that will last forever.


Dear Heavenly Father, as I thank You this day
And, humbly, I bow my head to pray
I really must think of Katrina, recanted
And all that, before then, I took for granted
At the end of August, two-thousand and five
The winds and rain, they came alive
Seawater swelled, and it seethed, and roared
Devouring all, with such greedy hoard
And there, in a flash, the world, it was changed
All that we knew was to be rearranged
Lord, We fled in a panic for our very lives
Separated husbands, children, and wives
The winds grew quiet and the water calmed down
Revealing stagnant death that once was our town
Strangers gathered to help us regroup
With love, giving blankets, supplies, and warm soup
At first we were numb, Lord, as we fled to the shelter
When reality struck, it was just helter-skelter
Huddled there with the lost, the sick, and some dying
Kids were screaming, adults were stunned or crying
Before Katrina, Father, I remember the days
With accessible schools, with sports and school plays
Little things in our lives that are now gone for good
A pile of debris where our house once stood
And, no more green grass, where our children once played
Or, pictures, when Grandma and Grandpa once stayed
No mementos to hold, except in our mind
Nothing of Momma’s or Dad’s was I able to find
Lord, please forgive me because I didn’t know
The riches, upon me, you thought to bestow
Little things like a place just to cut my hair
And, a peaceful night’s sleep, without the nightmare
Days where the children don’t fear wind and rain
When loss was much smaller, not connected with pain
I’m sorry I never said thanks for toilets that flush,
Safe water to drink, and my own toothbrush
I see people scurry with cell phones, acting nervous
What a blessing it was to have basic phone service
I never imagined the long lines for groceries and supplies
Or, the unsanitary conditions that burn our eyes
Though I thanked You for food, and that we were able,
I never said thanks, Lord, for us to all sit at the same table
Some day, I pray, that again I can provide
For my family who still stand close by my side
And, Lord though it’s hard to depend upon others
We might not have made it without loving sisters and brothers.
Lord, your work here is not done, for some it’s just started
So please bless the people who still give, open hearted!
By: Vicky Robbins, 2006

Instead of a leaf on our “Tree of Thanks”, we would like your help this year to grow a whole “Forest of Giving”. Please talk with your family about the “little things” in your lives that you may take for granted but couldn’t imagine living without. Then if you could write it down either as a prayer or as an encouragement to those who have done without this year we will deliver them this Holiday season. In addition, if you are able to include a monetary donation or gift card (Walmart, Home Depot, or Gas cards) we will purchase a supply of these “little things” to give to those in need. If you want to specify what you would like it to be spent on we will honor that the best we can (i.e. toys for kids, ornaments, family photos, construction materials, food, water, etc). For more information on specific needs you can visit our website. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else that you think would like to participate in the “Forest of Giving”.

May we never again grow complacent about the common, but instead rejoice in the luxury that “little things” bring.

With Thanksgiving,

The Smith Family
JD, Toni, Caleb, and Abigail

IMPACT Ministries
375 Robinson Rd
Mooresville, NC 28117

hey Leslie,
Hope this is a little encouraging to you.
We shipped 800 frozen turkeys today to 4 places in Mississippi and Louisiana. They will be put together with all the fix-ins and delivered to those in various "food deserts" in those two states. It certainly is not enough to cover everyone, but it will help the ONES it does get.
Be blessed as you continue your service of information to the masses.
Hope deferred is a bad thing. Hope fulfilled is glorious, and HE is!
JD SmithIMPACT Ministries


Praise God that He kept away the Hurricanes this year.
The national weather service initially predicted an even stronger Hurricane season than last year. Thankfully and miraculously, NO major hurricane hit the United States this year. This was a relief to the thousands still living in FEMA trailers from Katrina and Rita. However, they still have a long way to go. IMPACT Ministries is committed to helping as much as we can for as long as we can. Of course that means we need your help. We need volunteers, supplies, funding, and of course prayers to continue.

Here are areas of critical need:
1. Volunteers and supplies for Christmas Outreach on Dec. 9th in St. Bernard Parish. See: IMPACT Ministries - Events
2. Construction Supplies and/or Funding to purchase supplies for those who have no insurance to rebuild.
3. Skilled labor
4. Volunteer Teams
5. Construction/Team Coordinator in New Orleans

The following are answers to prayer:
1. God’s Katrina Kitchen found a new home in Gulfport, MS. From there we continue to serve the areas of Gulfport, Pass Christian, Waveland, Pearlington and Long Beach.
2. The camp near Hattiesburg, MS, has officially been turned over to IMPACT. We will be announcing ways you can partner with us in providing inner city camps, retreats, family camps and pastoral nurturing through this facility.
3. John Blake (he and his wife, Sandy, moved to MS in May to assist IMPACT Ministries) is recuperating at home after a short hospital stay. This could have been much worse as it turned out John was dangerously close to a heart attack and/or stroke as a result of seriously high blood pressure and severe blockage to an artery. Thankfully, they caught it in time. Please continue to pray for his recovery.
4. Two wonderful ladies from New Hampshire will be moving to the gulf region to help IMPACT with teams, organization, and whatever else God lays on their hearts! We are so thankful for Sue Fish and Kathy Billings and look forward to a fruitful partnership in ministry. Amazingly enough, we have yet to meet these ladies in person. However, the Lord has knit our hearts over the last six months. Pray for them as they make this leap of faith.

In The Works:
1. First Response Initiative to provide local on-site training weekends – We shall go to your communities to help prepare “The Church” in your area how to mobilize and respond to a disaster either locally, nationally, or internationally. Through Katrina we all learned that we should not depend on Red Cross or the government to meet these needs. Rather, it is the call of The Church to take care of the poor and needy. It is also a huge opportunity for us to share the gospel through being His hands and feet. We need to be ready. These trained teams would then be the first groups we would turn to if another 9-11 or Katrina were to hit. Please let us know if your church community is interested and we will get your area on the schedule.
2. Partnership with Habitat for Humanity – IMPACT Ministries and Habitat for Humanity are in the development stages for a strategic partnership in the Gulf region that will facilitate and accelerate the rehabilitation of thousands of homes, the construction of thousands of new homes, and the development of multi-economic communities in some locations. Our partnership will combine resources and volunteers to folks who have been qualified, verified and processed for the need. The desire is to help those who cannot help themselves. The process of restoration is expected to take several years to complete and your continued partnership with IMPACT Ministries will be vital and fruitful.
3. Church Plants We will be launching some house churches in the Gulf region soon. We shall also launch a church in the French Quarter of New Orleans, and one in Mississippi soon. Over the next few years we expect to partner with others to launch many new churches as we continue to help with existing churches in the recovery and restoration processes. We will keep you posted as these develop. Let us know if you have interest in partnering in anyway. We shall need teams, leaders, and of course much prayer.
4. New Strategic Partnership in Lake Charles, La.-IMPACT Ministries has formed a new partnership with the Long Term Recovery operation in Lake Charles, La. Soon IMPACT Ministries will begin sending volunteer groups there to work along side the Churches and community leaders to help rebuild their communities. The needs are great there even after all these months.
5. Multiple Volunteer Center locations-Over the last year, the local partners of IMPACT Ministries as well as partners from all over America have joined forces to facilitate long term recovery and restoration for the Gulf Coast. As 2007 approaches, thousands of volunteers from across America are continuing to respond to the great legitimate needs of so many people. These volunteers are being scheduled into the region in many places where IMPACT Ministries has strategic partnerships with local churches and other ministries. The people NEED YOU, and we can help you help them. It is our honor to serve you as you serve them. How can we serve you in coming to the region?
**An Easy Way to Help**
Need Your Taxes Done?? H & R Block has made IMPACT Ministries a generous offer for a strategic partnership. For everyone who did not have their taxes done by H & R Block in 2005 and uses H & R Block for 2006 taxes, H & R Block will donate $25 to IMPACT Ministries. We will be sending out more information soon but we wanted to get you thinking about it. Please consider sharing this information with your family members, congregation, neighbors, etc. This could be a way that many people could partner with IMPACT Ministries in a substantial way! All you need to do is take the flyer we will be sending to you to your local H &R block anytime between January 1st and April 15th. It saves you the headache of doing your own returns and benefits the victims of Katrina. Also keep in mind that any contributions made directly to IMPACT Ministries is tax deductible, as IMPACT Ministries is a non-profit 501(c) 3 entity.

With Gratitude,
JD and Toni Smith
IMPACT Ministries

Front Line Sites:
Bourg, LA New Orleans,LA Slidell,LA Bay Saint Louis,MS Diamond Head ,MS Gulfport/Biloxi,MS Lakeshore, MS Long Beach,MS Metairie,MS Pass Christian, MS Pearlington, MS Picayune,MS Waveland, MS
Volunteer Centers:
Gulfport/Biloxi, Pass Christian, Long Beach, New Orleans, Waveland
Distribution Centers:
Gulfport/Biloxi,MS New Orleans, LA Pass Christian, MS

We need both skilled and unskilled people (if they are in good health and able to follow directions). Skilled people in areas of: plumbing, electrical, construction, mechanical, roofers, concrete, painting, big equipment, cooking, counseling, youth, children, business development, administration, fund raising, and grant writing.
With the costs of meals, utilities, gas, insurance, and overhead it costs approximately $25 per person per day to operate the Volunteer center. Any contribution that you, your team or your church can give to help meet this need is appreciated.

We had a team from Oregon and one from California that were combined to work on Lynn and Russell’s house in Waveland. This family survived the storm on top of their roof with their two year old granddaughter. When the water receded they climbed down and scooped the mud out of their car to sleep in. They had no food or water for three days. Their dream house was completely destroyed. They are a very integris couple and hated to ask for help. Yet they knew they couldn’t do the work on their own. They decided to start by converting the garage into an apartment. The team came to help and Russell acted like the general contractor. The team and the family became very close that week. Lynn cooked them lunches most everyday. As the team leader for The Church on The Way, Debra Snell led the team to pray for and with them daily. Lynn and Russell have now said that they would like to house teams at their house! We hope to get some skilled groups in to finish out their home and sample Lynn’s famous cooking! As more is done on it we will be able to house more folks there to reach out to more of the residents.

The Recovery Continues – (despite not keeping up the news page!) Much has gone on in the last few months. Currently, teams are busy trying to get as much done as they can before the 2006 Hurricane season starts on June 1st. Speaking of which we would like to ask you and your church to consider signing up as a “First Response Team” if another disaster of such magnitude hits in the coming years. There needs are still staggering in MS and LA, yet we need to look ahead and prepare. We would like to have teams ready to mobilize quickly. Please email us if you want to form such a team.

The biggest need at this time is Teams of Volunteers. We can use 200 people a day for the next year. Please see "teams" page for more info.

Other Immediate Needs:
****NEW*** - WATER – both in gallons and individual. Also Water Purification Units, and refer trailers
Administrative help (This can be done from your home if you have good computer and communication skills.)
Two 15 person passenger vans or mini-buses to transport teams
Utility Trailer
1 Mini Van
1 One Ton Dually Truck
1 Dump Truck
1 Bobcat
2 Fork Trucks
Gas Cards
Gift Cards (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target)
Air Miles
Contacts with manufacturers and distributors of food, household goods, construction supplies
Funding for Projects and Construction Supplies
On-site supervisors - volunteer month or more at a time
These can be donated outright and IMPACT will provide a Gift-in-Kind receipt. Or you can donate money designated to meet a specific need.
Note: We are no longer advising people to buy items and ship them into the region. We can find almost everything locally (with the exception of drywall). Your funds would be better stewarded if you could just donate them directly to IMPACT. We have found local distribution places where we can leverage the funds greatly. However if you have contacts with businesses or manufacturers who can donate the items we can offer gift-in-kind tax deductible donations.

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Waveland Charrette

The Waveland Community and friends are invited to participate in the Waveland Charrette (architectural and urban planning workshop), Saturday, June 24 through Wednesday, June 28. All events will take place at Bay-Waveland Middle School, Cafetorium, 600 Pine Street, Bay St. Louis. The Charrette will be led by Robert Orr and Associates.

This important process is the result of previous public meetings held in conjunction with the Governor's Commission on Recovery, Rebuilding and Renewal. And also, open meetings held with the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, MEMA and the Coleman Avenue Coalition.

The Charrette, all meetings and presentations are open to the public. Please plan on attending as many of the sessions as you, your staff and friends may wish. There is no admission fee and advance registration is not required.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, June 24, 7:00 p.m. General Public Meeting and Opening Presentation

Breakout Focus Groups
Monday, June 26, 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Pin-Up and Review General Public Meeting

Tuesday, June 27, 1:00 p.m. Pin-Up and Review
Wednesday, June 28, 7:00 p.m. General Public Meeting and Final Presentation

Community involvement is the most important key to a successful Charrette. All of Waveland's infrastructure and public buildings will have to be replaced. These meetings are crucial to you having a voice in the rebuilding of Waveland. Waveland has the opportunity now to do things even better than before and build on past experiences to create a better future for its citizens. For more information, contact Kathy Pinn, City of Waveland, 228-467-3425.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wayland To Waveland
Wayland to Waveland Hurricane Relief Fund
c/o Town of Wayland
41 Cochituate Road
Wayland, MA 01778

3/13 The Wayland to Waveland (W2W) Hurricane Katrina Relief group is rallying for a special work effort April 1-7 to significantly advance the work on Ms. Melanie Keretas’ house that was started in the group’s October Wave of Relief.
Anyone interested should contact Cindy Lombardo. We have been staying at a new hotel in Bay St. Louis, the Hollywood Magic Casino Resort. The room rate is $59 during the week. We are working for a group rate that week. Watch this page for more details.

Click here for the LATEST PHOTOS of Ms. Hazel's House...

Move-In Showerfor Ms. Hazel!
We have registered Miss Hazel at Bed, Bath & Beyond for household items that she will need as she moves into her newly renovated home, the contents of which were lost in Katrina. People can participate in the “Move-In Shower” either on-line or at any Bed, Bath & Beyond store by referencing Hazel Tracey (with an E) at the Gift Registry.
Anyone shopping on-line at can access Miss Hazel’s gift registry by name (Hazel Tracey with an E) or by her registration #2766742. Coupons can be used for gift registry in-store purchases under the conditions specified. Please be sure to note any restrictions when planning your purchase.

February 12 – Starting this week, the Wayland to Waveland (W2W) Hurricane Katrina Relief group is partnering with a group of 6-8 volunteers (carpenters, electricians, etc.) from Jamaica Plain to finish the three home-building projects in Waveland, MS started in the October Wave of Relief.
Some significant work has been done since local builder and Wayland resident Peter Bachman led more than 25 other Wayland residents in building one home from the ground up, and repairing two others. But there is still much to be done before hanging the “Mission Accomplished” banner!
One goal of this new two-week effort (Feb. 10-25) is to complete the finish work on 89-year-old Miss Hazel Tracey's house to the point where she can move back in and out of the tiny FEMA trailer parked outside where she has lived for more than 16 months.
Among other things, this effort will include installing a new bathroom and kitchen, trimming all windows and doors, and more. The W2W leaders hope to be shopping for linens and such for a house-warming.
The Jamaica Plain group has been working with W2W to prepare for their visit, learning in detail what needs to be done. Some members of the W2W steering committee will work with them in Waveland, making introductions to key local contacts and working on site. The W2W representatives also will start the process of identifying future projects.
The workers also will continue work on Ms. Melanie Keratas’ house across the street from Ms. Hazel. This was the house rebuilt from the ground up. Windows and siding have been installed on Ms. Melanie’s since the Wayland team’s visit, and now it’s time for insulation and interior wall board, among other things.
The group visiting this month also plans to build the deck and front staircase on Scott Blackwell’s house. This house was salvaged from the storm damage. The Wayland group had installed windows and doors, and did some electrical and plumbing work. Remaining is to complete an exterior deck and finish interior wallboarding.
The W2W committee members (Tom Fay, Pam Lesser, Cindy Lombardo, Kathie Steinberg, and Lonnie Swarz) will be pre-planning for the group’s next building projects set for October 2007. W2W is in talks with several local builders and contractors to spearhead our next effort. Other local groups have expressed interest in partnering with W2W on future projects. These partner groups are eager to work with us on projects of substance on which they can see the effort through to success. Many projects in the Gulf Coast towns are “blind” in that workers never really see the owners or see the ultimate outcome of their work. In the W2W projects, there is a direct interaction with the owners, the work is productive, and the end product is both clear and satisfying.
W2W has talked with groups locally, including one from Concord, MA, as well as with groups in Illinois, California and Washington. All are committed to helping rebuild the Gulf Coast area hit so hard by the hurricane.

A group of 18 Wayland, MA HS students, and 9 adults are headed to Waveland this weekend (10/6) to do some repair and rebuilding work. A second wave of about 30 adults will be headed to Waveland from Wayland, MA on 10/13 to build a home and repair to others.

Hotel cost:
approximately $60 per night per person in a shared room.

-breakfast: likely provided by hotel
-lunch: likely provided by volunteers or caterer
-dinner: likely purchased at local restaurant or caterer
-cost for meals: approximately $18.00 per day per person

Three primary projects are set for Waveland. First, Wayland builder Peter Bachman and his crew will lead the charge in building a new home for Waveland resident Ms. Melanie Keretas. Her next door neighbor Ms. Hazel Tracey will receive a new roof and windows thanks to Peter and Wayland volunteers. Third, Waveland resident Scott Blackwell will also receive newly installed windows. If there is time, volunteers will also perform small repairs and clean up some properties. No particular skills are required, just a willingness to help residents of Wayland’s sister community.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OR ADULT SLOTS AVAILABLE: no maximum Electricians Welcome!

ITEMS NEEDED TO BE BROUGHT BY ADULTS: light clothes, given warm temperatures

Caring Mission

Despite being Ground Zero for Hurricane Katrina’s landfall, Waveland, Mississippi will recover and rebuild, and residents of Wayland, Massachusetts will help this small and beautiful community in its efforts. Our commitment and affirmation to Waveland reinforces that they will not be forgotten and we will support them for the long haul.

Established in 2005, Wayland to Waveland (W2W) is a public/private partnership aimed at providing short- and long-term support to the residents of Waveland, Mississippi who sustained major losses from Hurricane Katrina. This support will be in the form of developing personal relationships, assisting in the rebuilding effort, and leveraging the many skills and resources that Wayland residents can offer our sister community.


Donations are fully tax deductible
All donations go through the Town of Wayland and are earmarked excluively for helping Waveland, MS and its residents.
Wayland to Waveland Hurricane Relief Fundc/o Town of Wayland
41 Cochituate Road
Wayland, MA 01778

How Else Can You Help?

SENIORS: agree to befriend a fellow senior citizen in Waveland to make a phone call to say hello now and then, drop an occasional note to that Waveland senior, and generally let that fellow senior know that someone is thinking about them. Call one of the committee members listed below to obtain the name of a needy Waveland senior.
FAMILIES: agree to support a Waveland family in whatever way you can. Maybe your effort will only be a phone call or a card now and then. Maybe you could provide more substantial help if you able and interested. You may wish to fund some small expenses to help that family recover from Katrina’s devastation. Call one of the committee members listed below to obtain the name of a needy Waveland family.
INDIVIDUALS: agree to support, in whatever small or large way you can, another individual struggling to survive and face the challenge of rebuilding their life changed by Hurricane Katrina. It may be that you make a phone call now and then, or drop a card in the mail, letting that person know you are thinking of them. Or, you may wish to help them out financially. Do whatever you wish to do. Call one of the committee members listed below to obtain the name of a needy Waveland individual.

Tom Fay 617-312-7573

Pam Lesser 508-358-8044

Cindy Lombardo 508-358-5958

Kathie Steinberg 508-358-9553

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Preparing for Disasters

Disasters can be as small as a single person or as large as an entire nation. A disaster can be a house fire, a wildfire, a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake, a pandemic or a terrorist action.

How you prepare is the same regardless of the size or type of disaster. There are several publications out by countless organizations to deal with disaster preparedness.

I am going to supply the links, and let you decide which one makes the most sense for you. If you happen to have a source for preparation, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

First, Personal Preparation
There are a couple of links
I like The Red File – it is well written, concise and has tons of common sense.
Citizen Corp has many links to publications to assist you in every aspect, from preparing, preventing and recovering. Very good!

Emotional Preparation
North Carolina has done a great job compiling links and publications to assist folks with the emotional aspect of any disaster.
Child Advocate has come out with a small booklet for children and I have found this to be the best out there:
A book entitled Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. While this book deals with coping with disaster after the fact, reading it before it happens will give you a great weapon on coping before during and after such a serious event.

Financial Preparation
The best I have found in handling this particular aspect is from an organization called Operation Hope. It’s detailed, calls for several lifestyle adjustments in order to put their plan into place, BUT it will work! They have what they call an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) that you can download for free: - This is 28 pages.
And a Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide - 18 pages.

Finally, Professional/Business Preparation
The Hancock County Chamber of Commerce gave this to me. I’ve not found it in any files or websites I’ve come across and it’s simple, common sense stuff that is so easy to overlook. I have left this information at the top of their page:

I feel these links do the best job of covering all aspects of preparing for a disaster. Please let me know if there are others you find that you feel are better or more concise, etc. I’m more than willing to add to the list!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Visiting their website is the best way to show what just a few people can accomplish. Very spontaneous in their efforts, but also very organized and well thought-out. AND, consistent. They have made 4 trips, trying to anticipate when needs will occur, and meeting those needs with each trip.

All because one man on campus has family down there. It shows how well community works and how one person can mobilize the world, if so motivated.

They have delivered truck loads of items, along with thousands of man hours cleaning and restoring a church as well as homes surrounding the church. Positively wonderful!

This group from Indiana - a combination of university staff, professors and students are making a 4th trip to Waveland to continue their assistance. Woo!

This trip is July 7-13. I will be posting more information later next week regarding the work they have done and the work they hope to do in the future, but for now, I wanted to get the word out of their July trip.


7/15 - From his blog
Liberalindiana heads to Mississippi
July 6th, 2006
Time for a road trip. LI is heading to Waveland, Mississippi to do some good on the gulf coast. Its my third trip to the area and we are finally rebuilding.
On the docket for the next week:
Thursday - Friday: Travel in a somewhat crowded van to MS
Friday: unpacking, preparation
Saturday: Visit the work site, start gettin’ my hands dirty
Saturday night: Visit NOLA, get a few other things dirty
Sunday - Wednesday: Build a home for someone in need
Thursday: Truck on back to Indy
I’ll post pics to my personal Flickr account if I get the chance. I’ll be back at it on LI starting Monday July 17th.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

MLK Park Meeting

Community meeting set to discuss park's future

A Middle Town Community Meeting will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Little Zion Baptist Church, 510 S. Central Ave. (this was in an update for 6/18 - call for full information)

The community can voice opinions regarding the development of Martin Luther King Park and the surrounding area on Herlihy Street.

'It is absolutely a must for the community to get involved in the future of the park,' said Mayor Tommy Longo.

Details: Harold Gillum, 332-1876 or Kathy Pinn, 467-3425

Diamondhead Water Woes

Jay Botsay's house was one of just a few in this mostly middle- to upper-class community south of Interstate 10 to survive Katrina's fury.
Four months after the storm, Botsay was finally able to use a hose to rinse the slimy mud out of his living room, all the while wrangling with adjusters and contractors.Those hardships may be the least of his problems.
The Diamondhead Water and Sewer District has threatened to disconnect his service, fine him $1,000 per day, and even have his property condemned.
'They're punishing me for trying to get water to my house, when they told us it would be eight months to a year before they restored it on the southside,' Botsay said.
Because the district did not restore water to Diamondhead's southside until December, Botsay and several other residents installed wells on their properties.
'The people returning to the southside were very concerned about their safety because of the lack of water,' said Mario Feola, a southside resident and vice president of the Diamondhead Property Owners Association.
Feola installed a well at his home, he said, because the Water and Sewer District refused to send a tanker truck to the southside to distribute water following the August storm.
'A fire would have been tragic,' he said. 'Water was also needed to start decontamination and cleanup.'
The Water and Sewer District allows private wells that were installed before 1989 in Diamondhead, when the Legislature established the district as a public entity.
Feola, Botsay and other southside residents say they installed their wells to serve temporary, emergency purposes. Feola's well is disconnected, and Botsay's has been capped and covered with concrete.
But that's not good enough. The district wants the wells decommissioned, which is an expensive process that involves pouring concrete into the wells to make sure they never work again.
Mike Collard, the head of the district, sent a letter to Feola on April 10, saying concrete would need to be poured into the well, and that Collard would need to be there to watch.
Collard did not return messages left at the district offices by the Sun Herald seeking comment on the water wells. When reporters called his cell phone, he said, 'I don't know how you got this number, but don't call it again.' Then he hung up.
With the exception of one public road, the POA owns and maintains every street in the private community.
The POA and the Hancock County Board of Supervisors are virtually powerless to intervene in matters concerning the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District.
Since President Reagan was in the White House, the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District has had the power to adopt ordinances, issue fines and disconnect services, according to state law.
Earlier this year, Gov. Haley Barbour signed the Gulf Regional Water Utility Authority Act, fashioned to push South Mississippi governments toward working together on matters of water and sewerage.
County leaders have formed the Hancock County Utility Authority, but the Diamondhead Water and Sewer District can choose to join or remain independent.
The district is not forced to join the county board, but not doing so would mean Diamondhead misses out on its share of $600 million in federal funds for expanding water and sewerage.
Len Blackwell, an attorney who represents the district, said officials want the wells destroyed because rogue water systems could jeopardize the district's water supply. Then there's the economic factor.
'If everyone there had a well, the district's income would go down,' Blackwell said. 'That would mean a rate increase for everyone in Diamondhead.'
The residents have hired an attorney to clearly explain their rights, but it may be too late for Feola, who is scheduled to have concrete dumped into his well sometime this month, and Collard is expected to be looking on.
Mario Feola
Diamondhead Property Owners Association vice president

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Boys and Girls Club

Shipping Address
Lundays Unit/Beauvoir Unit
2003 Lawrence Ave.(Beauvoir Elementary)
Biloxi, MS 39531
Phone: (228) 348-3205 Fax: (228) 435-5424

Hancock County's B&G's Club
1101 St. Joseph St. (Waveland Elementary)
Waveland, MS 39576
Phone: (228) 323-8679 Fax: (228) 463-9662


Printer Ink
Construction Paper
Washable Markers
Drawing Paper
Tempera Paint
Paint brushes
Colored Pencils
Sponges and Glitter and Stencils
DVD movies with kid-friendly ratings
Board Games like Checkers, Chess and Connect Four
Plates, Cups and Napkins for snacks, parties and more
Balls to play with on the playground in Spring


What do you do with all the “stuff” you accumulate when you travel on business or to conferences? You know, all that free stuff you can’t help but pick up at the trade shows or when staying in a hotel. How many chip clips or mini sewing kits do you really need? How many unopened bottles of hotel shampoo or lotion can you store in your bathroom? Well, now there is a reason to collect this stuff: donate it to us! That’s right – we use those little giveaway items as incentives for the kids at the Clubs and they love it! We also use the hotel shampoos, lotions, etc., for stuffers for the KidsDay Health Fair or just to hand out when necessary.
So save up those items and give us a call. We’ll take them off your hands and put them to good use, POSITIVELY!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Katrinas Angels GREAT Page -

Update: I AM (Books)Book Gifting Missions to Biloxi, New Orleans and South America in 2007.
In July, we plan to meet the First Lady of Columbia, who is endorsing our mission to her country, and to gift over 50,000 English and Spanish books to the children in South America with cooperation with The World Relief Organization (WRO).
In the fall, we will visit Biloxi, MS and New Orleans, LA to hand deliver over 50,000 more books to children affected by Katrina. This is in addition to the 35,000 we have already delivered. We are working with the WRO and Katrina's Angels to make this fall trip possible.
Woolmarket Elementary School, Biloxi, MS

3/5 With Easter right around the corner, Katrina's Angels is looking for a place to have an Easter Egg hunt. We will sponsor the event (that is we'll pay for and send you the supplies).
We are looking to keep the total children involved to about 100. We need a group or organizationto work with us for the event. If you get us a date and location, we will purchase everything for you to have the Easter Egg Hunt.
If you are interested, please contact us at:
This will be a fun, 2 hour long event that will make a lot of kids happy.
And my final incentive to all you potential Easter bunnies: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!

1/3 is looking for families to adopt katrina victims and is trying to link families in need directly with people who want to help.

12/15 Read About Their Thanksgiving!

11/25 Request for Volunteers
Hi! My name is Karen Iwicki and I am the Resource Director for Katrina's Angels.
Your volunteer service with Katrina's Angels does not have to be limited to one thing. We have a variety of ways you can help us either from your home or on site. We have people collecting gift cards and doing other fundraisers from their home area as Fundraising Angels.

In December, we plan to hold a Breakfast with Santa at the New Orleans area base for the children of our soldiers serving in Iraq/Afghanistan in conjunction with Toys for Tots. We are also trying to get families from our client list adopted for Christmas by putting an Angel Tree on our web site at And I have several schools just begging for books and supplies for their students, so fundraisers and drives are needed to do that. I also need Guardian Angels to make phone calls and verify and update client needs, addresses, phone numbers before putting them on the Angel Tree.
Our needs change from week-to-week, but we ALWAYS need volunteers.
Please let me know if any of this interests you. I will gladly welcome the help this busy Holiday season.

11/24 News Article from WLOX

Through online chat rooms and websites, the group "Katrina's Angels" has spent the last 15 months gathering resources. Members are now gracing South Mississippi with a few miracles.
"Whenever disaster strikes, people can know there are angels there. Guardian angels, people that are there to hold their hand, comfort them and provide them what they need," Katrina's Angels founder Tony Coolidge says.
[More at the Link]

11/24 Katrina's Angels has a blog for updates!

Katrina's Angels is hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner for 500 at the Restoration Revival Center in Moss Point, MS, which is a church and gymnasium. Ms Barbara Nelson is part of An Outreach of Love, formed to aid the community in the deep south of MS where Hurricane Katrina has devastated homes and lives. An Outreach of Love has partnered with Katrina's Angels to provide the MS residents of Moss Point, Escatawba, Ocean Springs and Gulfport with supplies, support, and a hand up.
We will need gift cards for WalMart, Target, any places where we can get food, paper plates, plasticware, napkins, etc., locally for this event. Gift cards save on shipping costs. Also needed are anything usable as gift items, toiletries, hair items, etc., for baskets we intend to give away...depending on donations. We want every person to go home from the dinner with something new; a box full of supplies if we get enough donations.

10/20 Katrina's Angels Make a Difference Day Work
Katrina's Angels -Katrina's Angels is a volunteer, "virtual" nonprofit assisting disaster survivors. We will be posting an online Angels Tree with needy individuals to help over the holidays. No personal info will be given until the family is sponsored and then a follow-up to confirm sponsored families are actually getting items (so no one will be missed).
We help survivors in all 50 states and all donations go directly to the families or will be used to offset shipping charges. We welcome any groups, churches, business, school groups etc that may want to do a group effort and as a registered 501c3, we can give tax exemption receipts.We will also welcome any volunteers that would like to help in any way, from sending emails, data entry, drives or fundraisers, collections, distributions etc.
Lynne Onufer Program Director

Katrina's Angels is a national volunteer effort that is driven by the generosity of people wanting to make a difference for others. We are registered in the State of Florida and operating with a 501 (c)(3) non-profit status. We are commited to providing solutions and resources to displaced survivors and residents of areas that have suffered as a result of natural disaster in the United States. Our services include employment referrals, housing referrals, direct relief and resource coordination.

Katrina's Angels was one of the first grassroots organizations to respond to the needs by means of virtual partnerships and volunteer efforts spread across the nation, and one of the last remaining that is still operating actively in this capacity. Long term recovery projections stand at a minimum of ten years by experts and the support of volunteers, donors and sponsorships are vital to enable us to continue to thrive in our recovery and relief efforts. Together we can continue to make a difference.

For additional information and a complete list of volunteer, donor and sponsorship opportunities, please visit our website at:


Lynne, the Programming Director, sent the following to me about their registry with the MADD on October 28:
Katrina's Angels is a volunteer, "virtual" nonprofit assisting disaster survivors. We will be posting an online Angels Tree with needy individuals that needs help over the holidays. No personal info will be given until the family is sponsored and the will be follow-up to confirm, sponsored families are actually getting items so no one will be missed.

In the event of a family not being selected or a sponsor being unable to continue, we are also organizing toy drives to make sure we have a gift bank that we can use to make sure each family receives some toys.

We help survivors in all 50 states and all donations go directly to the families or will be used to offset shipping charges. We welcome any groups, churches, business, school groups etc that may want to do a group effort and as a registered 501c3, we can give tax exemption receipts.

We will also welcome any volunteers that would like to help in any way, from sending emails, data entry, drives or fundraisers, collections, distributions etc.
Lynne Onufer

Also From Lynn:
We are also co-hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in Moss Point , MS for more than 500 people. As we are an internet group with volunteers all over the country, we are super excited to be doing this. Several directors are flying down to help serve and this will be the first time we will be meeting each other face to face. So this will be the greatest Thanksgiving Dinner ever. It is on November 18th.

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